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Exchange Policy

Our apologies for the damage or defective product you may have received.  If you could please complete this form we will look at your request and work to get a replacement out to you ASAP, or we will contact you with an RA number for you to return it.

First, can you please describe the damage and, if possible, attach a quick digital picture of the damage.  In most cases, if we have a picture we can issue a replacement or refund right away and there is no need to send the set back to us.  Invariably when an item is received damaged it’s either factory defect or damage during shipping.  A picture helps us communicate the error to the factory or shipping company, so we can expedite your replacement order.

We must be notified via this form of any damage (or other problems) and have been provided with any and all additional information within 2 business days of you receiving your products. Once you have determined that the products shipped to you were received damaged, you need to notify us and the carrier (i.e. UPS, FedEx, or US Postal, etc.) within 2 days.

Within thirty (30) days of receiving your order, if any product proves to be defective, please contact us immediately. Please DO NOT return the product back without contacting us first via this form and receiving an RGA number and the necessary return instructions. After receiving the defective merchandise, we will test it if need be, and we will ship back to you (at our expense) a non-defective replacement product.

Probably one of the most common errors would be on the card shufflers.  Please make sure without a doubt that your batteries are in correctly and that they are NEW batteries.  If the batteries are in backwards the cards will shoot out of the shuffler instead of pulling them in.