Magic and Playing Cards

Magic and Playing Cards

There are a ton of tricks you can perform with playing cards.  Often times you can do them with a normal deck and other times you can get a “rigged” deck.  This area highlights some of the tricks you can do with items from Newt’s Games and Playing Cards.

Card magic is the branch of conjuring that deals with creating magical effects using a deck of playing cards. Card magic is commonplace in magical performances, especially in close up magic or parlor magic and street magic.

Playing cards became popular with magicians in the last century or so as they were props which were inexpensive, versatile, and easily available. Although magicians have created and presented myriad illusions with cards (sometimes referred to as card tricks), most of these illusions are generally considered to be built upon perhaps one hundred or so basic principles and techniques. Presentation and context (including patter, the conjurer’s misleading account of what he is doing) account for many of the variations.

Card magic, in one form or another, likely dates from the time playing cards became commonly known, towards the second half of the fourteenth century, but its history in this period is largely undocumented. However, compared to sleight of hand magic in general and to cups and balls, it is a relatively new form of magic.
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