Rummino! Game Review


My family & I love Rummy.  Whenever we get a chance to sit down and play cards, we play it.  So when I saw the game Rummino! I knew we had to try it.  We loved it!  It’s Rummy with tiles instead of cards.  Each tile has a suit icon to go with its respective color (Green, Red, Blue, Black, & Pink). Easy to understand and easy to play!  We even had my 4-year-old nephew playing (with a little help, of course!).  The player with the highest score wins, so the game got a little competitive but that added to the fun.  Each player draws 7 tiles, and then they play off the sets or runs already around the table, just like Rummy!  Get a two-way run and earn extra points.  Finish off a run or set and double or triple your points for the play. Simple and fun! Definitely keeping Rummino! In the Family Game Night lineup!

1)  The game does come with a nice bag for the tiles, which is great, but some tile holders would have been nice.
2)  The tiles have the tendency to fall over if bumped but still a great family game!
So you may want to pick up a couple of domino holders which work great as Rumino! Tile holders too!