Card Trays for canasta

canasta card trays

Sometimes folks just get tired of their playing cards falling all over the table while trying to play canasta!  You can be the best “stacker” there is but if you go long enough you can build one heck of a stack.  That is when the various types of playing card trays come in handy.  From the basic 2 deck card tray to a 6 deck and a 9 deck card tray.

Two Deck Playing Card Tray – You can opt for a stationary style or one that rotates on your table.  Both of them are great for canasta card play that doesn’t require more than 2 decks of cards.

Six Deck Playing Card Tray -A great alternative for those playing the versions of canasta that require more than 2 decks of cards.  It is a little deeper and allows for more cards.  Most of these are intended for playing with 6 decks and not really stacking 6 decks of cards on one side of the card tray.

Nine Deck Playing Card Tray – This is probably the most popular option for those playing canasta variations like “Hand and Foot” that require 6+ decks of cards.  The part that makes this kind of wild is how they have 3 slots, where 2 are usually used for draw piles and the last for discard.

As of 2021 Newt’s started making most of their own playing card trays in house. While we do still sell other brands, our focus is on our higher quality, Made in USA card trays.

All of these card trays are available from our sponsor, Newt’s Games and Cards.