Story of Euchre Poem

stroy of euchre poem

In the game of Euchre, it is helpful to know the sayings
They are almost like the setting of a plot,
They are needed to defeat opponents you are playing
And knowing them will help a lot.

In this story, the Bower is the farmer or Peasant
He may be the Jack of all trades,
The Benny or Best Bower
Is the joker or two of spades.

The Right Bower is next in the line of power
He’s the Jack of the trump suit,
Then comes the Left Bower, the other Jack
He’s the same color, just not such a brute!

The rest of the deck in order of rank
Includes Ace, Queen, King, Jack, ten, nine,
Hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades
One of these suits everyone just fine.

There are five cards dealt to every player in two rounds
One round will be two cards, the other will be three,
The next card is face up, the other four unused and down
The “up card” determines what Trump will be.

Players can choose to “order it up” or “turn it down”
The choice for trump goes for a second round,
If all four players “turn it down” all cards are thrown in
The next person deals and starts a new round.

Once trump has been named and before first lead
Any player may say they are “Going alone”,
He can play by himself without any other need
He must take all the tricks on his own!

Be sure, if you’re the Trump maker, that you can take three tricks,
If the “makers” take any tricks less than three,
The defenders score two points
Then Euchred is what the “makers” will be!

The setting, Plot and climax have been set
The characters played for guts and for glory,
So as the story of Euchre comes to an end
Remember, as with any game, winning is the moral of the story.

Copyright Christine Esteph, Newt’s Games and Cards