Modiano Plastic Playing Cards – Review

Modiano Plastic Playing Cards - Review

I know that 100% plastic playing cards have been all the craze over the past few years, but I just could not bring myself to play with a deck on a regular basis.  That was until I got my hands on a deck of Modiano 100% Playing Cards!  I like them because the card stock is thicker and feels more like a normal deck of playing cards.  They snap back nice.  They are very easy to shuffler AND, believe it or not my Dad actually likes them and uses them now!  I am shocked because even though I was picky, my Dad just did not like many of the “new fangled” things.  I gave my Dad a deck of them for his birthday, and now he keeps them at the campground all the time.  Not only are they great for easy play, but they can use them outdoors without getting ruined all the time.  The other normal decks they were using were getting nasty very fast.

So yes, I would recommend the Modiano decks over any of the other plastic decks…but that is just my opinion.

Review by:  Jim Esteph